An initiative to restore life to women who are infected with urinary fistula.

The urinary fistula has infected and killed thousands of women in Africa and Asia. It is an infection that causes the urinary or gastrointestinal tract to mix with the reproductive system due to prolonged delivery, in where no urgent medical intervention takes place the woman suffers from inability to control urine or feces.

The story begins with a difficulty in delivery, at a miserable hospital, or at home, and then the suffering begins: injury… urinary incontinence … lack of control in stool … loss of the fetus … self-harm … isolation … ulcers … kidney diseases … Disruption of the nerves of the legs … The feeling of pain and sadness of the loss of the fetus are additional factors for unhappiness…

Our initiative aims to treat between 400 to 600 infected people each year in Malawi, Bangladesh, Niger, Gambia, and Central Africa…

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