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About Peleks

Who we are and how we work?


Pelēks is a non-profit making developmental Organization interested in the development field, through this organization some Common strategies were developed as well as coordination, cooperation and interaction in the scope of the aims and objectives of the organization which is directed towards the human development in the neglected societies the needy societies, to care about their company, their education and reach them in their remote places which are not usually reached by Humanitarian Organizations. Whereas it seeks to achieve that through means and tools that could accomplish the concept and objective of the organization.

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Pelēks means “gray” according to the Latvian Language. Latvia is a small Republic on the Baltic Sea, regardless of that country and its people; we selected the name for its simplicity and its significance. The “Gray” Color according to pressmen means “Areas and Places which are needy and also neglected, so, Pelēks as an organization, seeks to be an organization that cares for the development of neglected societies in remote areas.

Our Vision

The development of the human being in needy and neglected and remote areas around the world, and contribute to provide whatever helps them to improve his standard of living and the chances of attaining a better future.

Our Means



  • Sending medical teams to cover all aspects of health that contribute to curing the patient in order to go about in his daily life in a normal way.
  • To look for and treatment of endemic diseases, and most prevalent diseases in the community intended for work.
  • Contribute to the provision of tools and equipment to hospitals as well as equipping health and medical centers with the necessary equipment.
  • Provision and distribution of necessary medicines as well as vaccinating people.
  • Activate the role of “prevention better than cure” and implement the related programs.
  • Raise the level of health awareness through the media and short courses.


  • Contribute to the construction of schools and vocational centers.
  • Training and providing cadres which will contribute to raising the level of health and development in the region.
  • Provide the necessary educational content and its tools.


  • Building awareness and knowledge tools such as radio and television stations.
  • Provision of cognitive content.
  • Use all types of media (books, publications, movies, etc.).

Our Objectives

  • To lead the efforts that aim to provide developmental, health, educational assistance to people in neglected and needy areas around the world, and then turn it into reality without regard to gender, race or religion.
  • Provision of support through (3) key areas vis-à-vis development these are the Health, education, and knowledge.
  • Effective and fruitful cooperation with International Foundations and Organizations which are working in these communities in order to achieve development in the targeted regions.
  • To direct the efforts of international community be they individuals or foundations to contribute effectively and positively in making these communities and regions known to the world.
  • Introducing the humanitarian message and its role in the development of human beings and societies while strengthening the status of education and health.